Venue Guidance Notes

Please ensure availability of the following: (if applicable)

  1. Suitable stage area (3.0metres x 1.0metres) and setup area
  2. High clearance for equipment of at least 2.0metres.
  3. Level flooring.
  4. Water proof area (especially if in a marquee or outdoor event)
  5. At least 2 UK standard Plug sockets.
  6. Reasonable access for transportation of equipment.
  7. Pre-agreed times of event. Any extension on service is at DJ discretion and charge.

General Terms & Conditions


An agreed deposit is required at the booking point.
Unless previously agreed (in writing) or if payment as already been received, the outstanding amount would be then due 1 calendar month before the event is to take place

Late payment

We reserve the right to charge reasonable administration costs/interest where settlement is unduly delayed.


(includes lack of facilities upon arrival that is not Tenacious DJ liability – see above)

For Cancellations Event fees no deposit would be returned. Postponements must be mutually agreed in writing at least 1 month before the event, Should an event be cancelled with less than 1 months notices the event would be fully chargeable at 100% fee.

Additional Information

It is important that all the general public and DJ’s safety is remembered. Should any event reach a level where fears for this safety is a concern, (eg if threatening behaviour occurs) the DJ reserves the right to end a party without notice and event would remain fully chargeable.

Damage to equipment

Should any damage be caused to the DJ’s equipment (this includes vehicle and clothing) the client (You) would be liable for the fee’s to have this either replaced or repaired. This would include any damaged cause by guests of your event. We will obtain an estimate for you and then it is your responsibly to have pay for the damage. Failure to do so will result in the claim being escalated in a small claims court.